Pinup Lunch 2015

While I love pinup culture and have been known to do a pinup shoot or two (or more), I can admit to not having been particular active in the pinup community locally. Pinup and rockabilly has taken off [...]

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Preparing for BurlyCon 2015



Ack! It's been two months since my last blog post! Unacceptable! Bad Hedy! I apologize fans, I promise to do better in the future. If you've visited my facebook page lately, you may have seen a gia [...]

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Anatomy of a Burlesque Costume: Heigh Ho!


Dwarf Burlesque

As I've discussed in previous posts, inspiration for a burlesque act can come from all types of places. Sometimes you can be forced into a bit of a box though. For instance, say you have a show theme [...]

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Show Summary: Danger Damsels Present Nerd-lesque


Hedy Harper MTG

So, nerd culture. Who isn't part of it these days? With comic convention attendance at record highs along with things like voter registration for the WorldCon Hugo Awards, you'd think everyone was in [...]

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1000 Facebook Fans Giveaway


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Danger Damsels Present Nerd-lesque Show Preview



GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Danger Damsels Burlesque presents The Nerd-lesque Show at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15, at Billy’s Lounge, 1437 Wealthy St. SE, in the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids. The late [...]

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