At the Cinema: Burlesque Tribute to the Movies Summary

A mere two weeks after my return from BurlyCon, I was debuting three new acts in a new Danger Damsels show, At the Cinema. All of the acts were inspired by movies. It was another fantastic, sold out show, and I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of it.

Singing in the Rain BurlesqueWe opened the show with a group “spy” number inspired by James Bond and Austin Powers. I got to be in all the group numbers in this show, and I thought all of them were great fun. In addition to this number, I also appeared in a “Let’s All go to the Lobby” spoof right before intermission (so funny), and got to be the John Belushi half of the Blues Brothers in the show’s closing montage.

Highlights of the show included guest performances by Chicago performer Red Rum (her Hellraiser act was especially awesome) and a Dirty Dancing tribute number by two local ballroom dancing instructors. For the first time ever, our kittens did a special kitten number they had put together themselves, a classic Time Warp number from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Coco Del Rey’s acts included some fantastic stuff! My personal favorite of hers was her Donnie Darko number, but she also did a wonderful job as both Charlie Chaplin and Rocky. Lady Loralei made a funnier turn than usual as Napoleon Dynamite, and turned up the hilarity with turns as the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz and Drew Barrymore’s character from Scream. It’s always nice to see a performer try something different, but it’s pretty great to see them do something you know they do well too. Such is the case with Stella Laroux, who wowed us all with her rendition of “I Will Always Love Reservoir Dogs BurlesqueYou” from the Bodyguard, an unbelievably sexy version of the classic Jessica Rabbit number, and a cutesy, clever tribute to A League of their Own, plus a fun, playful number with a couple of kittens from Sister Act. Michee Rose brought her belly dance prowess to The Queen of the Damned, and creeped out the audience with her version of Hannibal Lector. She also had a goofy turn in an Indiana Jones tribute. Our fearless leader Miss Pussykatt was at her best, pulling off sexy as Scarface, funny in a Jaws number, and showing off her circus roots with a grinder number tribute to A Clockwork Orange to close the show.

Alfred Hitchcock BurlesqueI myself debuted three new numbers that I got to put my own stamp on, including a tribute to Singing in the Rain, my own rendition of a famous scene from the Tarantino classic Reservoir Dogs, and a multi-faceted tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.

It was an awesome night! Here’s hoping that if you missed it, you might get to see one of these awesome acts again…who knows?

Photos by Jon Clay Photo

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