A Showgirl Diary: BurlyCon 2015 Part 4

So, on to Saturday. By the time we got to this day, I was officially enjoying myself. My classes had been great, I had met a few new people, I was getting along well with my roommates. It still felt a little bit clique-y (most people seemed to know other people there), and being the socially awkward gal I am I wasn’t sure how to break in with anyone, but I was trying hard. This was a great day of classes, and I was looking forward to it.

First Class Session
Classes Available: Bombshell Hair, Burlesque Plays: Act Dance and Strip! Oh My!, Quick & Easy Down & Dirty Press Releases, Dynamic Staging Techniques, Ballet BootyCamp, Easy Tricks for Costuming, Sequins and Social Justice: Ally 101, Buti Yoga, Forever Hair
What I Took: Dynamic Staging Techniques with Waxie Moon
Another phenomenal class from Waxie. I feel like for this class I need to sit down and type up a lot of my notes so that I can refer to them about a billion times whenever I’m creating or beefing up an act. So practical, so simple, so useful. As a relative beginner, I feel like so many of his classes are perfect for us. It was hard not to take all the classes about promoting yourself, or traveling the world, but when I’m honest with myself I know that I’m not in reality going to use those in the next year. Maybe someday. So instead, let’s work on things I can do to improve my art today, with tools and opportunities I have right now.

Second Class Session
Classes Available: Jetsetters’ Survival Guide, Reflections on Burlesque: Going Deeper, The Great Divide: Community Building, Burlesque Booty, Self Defense for Performers, History of Burlesque Performers of Color, Bombshell Yoga, Old Tyme Burlesque
What I Took: Old Tyme Burlesque with Delilah Jones
This was the only time I took a real break. I didn’t stay for the entirety of this class. For some reason, by the time I got to this class my anxiety and homesickness was really affecting me. I was missing home, missing my husband and daughter, I was exhausted, and my blood sugar was probably a bit low. I got a few things out of this class, but there were a lot of people in it, Ms. Jones wasn’t using her microphone effectively, and I couldn’t hear most of what she was saying. So I got what I could out of it, and when I realized I was just too tired to try and figure out what she was saying from context clues, I went back to my hotel room, called my husband, and took a nap. It was much needed.

Third Class Session
Classes Available: Offline Marketing for Your Persona, Talking Headdresses, Board Q&A, Playing with Others, Floorwork for Injury and Mobility Limitations, Fierce Stage Makeup: Contouring and Highlights, Navigating PR, Big. Bold. Beautiful. Movement for Larger Bodies
What I Took: Talking Headdresses with Amber Ray
What can I say? I tend to be attracted to the costuming classes that focus on classic glamour rather than the modern. This class was very good. It wasn’t revolutionary, it didn’t blow my mind, but I did learn a lot of practical tips that I don’t think I would have come to on my own, and that is always appreciated. It wasn’t the best organized class I took at BurlyCon, but I’m glad I took it. Very helpful. Combining this class with the headdress class I took from Bic Carroll was actually awesome, as many of their techniques can be used together.

Fourth Class Session
Classes Available: So You Think You Can Host?, Don’t Judge, Gloves & Stockings Basics & Beyond, Center Yourself, Wigging Out, Risque Rhythms, Realness, Fit & Bendy: Intro to Contortion
What I Took: Gloves & Stockings, Basics & Beyond with Midnite Martini
This is one of the classes that I can honestly say I came home and put straight to work. About a week after I got home I had a show, and due to the tips I got from Midnite in this class, I got the biggest cheer from a glove removal that I have EVER gotten. Totally awesome. Really gave me some practical tips I can use, as well as some things to think about when I’m putting peels into my acts. And I got it from the Stocking Girl herself! Can’t beat that! Midnite is also a stellar teacher, as well as one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn from her and meet her in person.

Fifth Class Session
Classes Available: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Glitter, Sex Work & Burlesque, Sizzling Samba Basics, Big Bad Boa, The Talk: 100 Years of Burlesque
What I Took: Big Bad Boa with Coco Lectric
Definitely one of the top classes that I took all weekend, and one of the few I would take a second time. I learned so much in this class that I’m fairly sure I’ve already forgotten half of it, which makes me terribly sad. What can I say, it’s really hard to take notes when you’re following along in a movement class, and no amount of notes taken afterwards can make up for it. Definitely one of the better teachers I had, and one of the classes that reminded me that what we do is supposed to be fun! Play with your potential props! Experiment!

Peer Reviews
I once again did not stay for all of the peer reviews. That said, it really is a fantastic way to spend your time at BurlyCon. What a wonderful thing to offer. As observers, you can get so much out of watching all of these “acts in development” and from hearing the feedback offered from the panelists. Sitting in the audience for this was a real morale booster and really helped me grow.

Story Time
This was great. I loved this event. Hosted by Jonny Porkpie, this event was styled after the Moth Story Slam style events that have taken the country by storm, and it was a joy to be a part of. I laughed, I cried, and I learned things I hadn’t known before. It was great. It was a first time event, but here’s hoping they do it again next year.

Movie Time
A screening of the documentary about the current Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2015 Trixie Little and her husband the Evil Hate Monkey, Us, Naked. Enjoyed every minute of it. It was a well made documentary, and it was lovely to have a peek into a burlesque couple’s universe. Very eye opening.

After the movie there was a lot of drinking and socializing. I tagged along with my roommates and somehow ended up in a hotel room full of people that I admire very much, and had a lovely time getting to know them even a smidge better. What a fantastic community I have found myself in that can be so welcoming. Next time, last day. Tears will be shed.After Party

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