Pinup Lunch 2015

Pinup LunchWhile I love pinup culture and have been known to do a pinup shoot or two (or more), I can admit to not having been particular active in the pinup community locally. Pinup and rockabilly has taken off as a bit of a trend all over the country of late, but it seems like everywhere I turn here in Michigan lately there is a new pinup related organization, pinup contest, or a new photo studio specializing in pinup images.

I’ve been interested in pinup for as long as I can remember. As a kid who only ever watched old movies, it was a natural jump. Now here I am, making the attempt to participate in this new bit of counter-culture (in a time of religious extremism and extreme conservatism, participating in pinup and burlesque is pretty punk rock).

A couple of months ago (I’m so behind on this blog!) I was thrilled to be invited to a local “Pinup Lunch”, a gathering of a few dozen pinups from all over the state to get together, meet one another, break bread, and in general have a blast. It was a bit nerve wracking, since I knew nobody and haven’t been particularly active in pinup, but I was determined to take this step and make these connections, and I’m so glad I did!

Pinup LunchValerie “Glitterbiscuits” Voiture was a stunning and welcoming host who put so much work into this event, and it did not go unappreciated. From goody bags for the attendees to arranging the presence of photographers and hot rods to pose with, she really went all out.

It was pretty cool to walk out of such an event with new “pinup” friends, a goody bag full of stuff to pull me along this path, and a handful of photos of my in my coveralls. Just goes to show, allow yourself to step out of the box, and you may find something awesome.

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