Preparing for BurlyCon 2015


Ack! It’s been two months since my last blog post! Unacceptable! Bad Hedy! I apologize fans, I promise to do better in the future.

If you’ve visited my facebook page lately, you may have seen a giant cover image proclaiming the exciting words “I’m Going to BurlyCon!”, or seen one of my many status updates about my preparations for this momentous occasion in my Burly life. So what’s the big deal? I mean, isn’t it just a convention? Uh, no, it isn’t JUST a convention. Allow me to elucidate.

BurlyCon is a burlesque learning and networking convention in Seattle, Washington. Four days of classes taught by the best in burlesque, including legends of the golden days, topped off with nightly networking events overflowing with magic and sparkle. One of the few times when a relative newbie like myself from a fairly burly-starved city can be in the same room with legends, idols, and other sparkle people just like us. In one of the very first burlesque classes I took (from Danger Damsels Burlesque‘s own Miss Pussykatt! You can take her classes too, click here), I was asked to name a burlesque performer I admired most and why. I said Jo Weldon, because the more I read about her, the more I saw her, the more I could relate to her. Her stories made sense to me. Her philosophies and ideas made SENSE to me. So who’s going to be at BurlyCon this year among the 650 registered attendees teaching classes? Jo Boobs Weldon HERSELF. I know she’s just a person. I know they’re all just people. People I’ve admired, and followed, and watched 8 million videos of online. I don’t consider myself a fan girl. I’ve met celebrities and never felt the urge to gush all over them or even ask them to take a selfie. I don’t obsessively follow all of the fresh Star Wars news or go to fan conventions like comic con. But this…this is DIFFERENT. I’ve aspired to go to BurlyCon for years, and now, here I am, two years into actually performing burlesque, many more since I named it as a goal, and I’m going. I’M GOING YOU GUYS.

I’ve been pretty on top of my planning for this trip up until now. I bought my pass at the introductory price, I reserved my hotel room (in the BurlyCon block) as soon as the block of rooms was released, and I purchased my plane ticket in the optimized pricing window (60-90 days out) and got an amazing price. I recruited a couple of roomies to join me in my hotel room to split the price so I would have a decent amount of cash to spend on vending (who goes to an event like this and doesn’t buy ALL THE THINGS?), I reserved a mini fridge and a microwave for the room so I wouldn’t have to spend a bunch of extra money on food, and I started actively following the BurlyCon message board on facebook. All good things. What I fell short on, and now it’s catching up to me, for sure, is the whole packing thing. I mean, who needs to pack WAY in advance? It’s just clothes, right? Oh, if only. Once I sat down this week and really started trying to figure out what I needed to pack, panic mode started to set in. Of course comfy, non-showy clothes for classes. Dancewear especially is probably a good idea. That makes sense. But I don’t own a lot of dancewear. I own a little, but I don’t own four days worth of dance wear. So I got online and ordered a few new pairs of leggings to get me through class times. The props I need for the classes I want to take I have already, as well as shoes. But I would need to take notes, right? So I bought a few notebooks (I really should have thought of that a couple of months ago and bought some AWESOME notebooks during the back to school sales, but like I said, I missed this stuff).

Then there’s the evening events. A Vintage Meet & Greet, a Mystical Menagerie dance, and a sleepover style movie night. The movie night thing I had covered. I Have cute pajamas. No issue. The vintage night I have covered too, I have plenty of pinup outfits (I just had to decide which one to pack!), but that dance. Oh goodness. I don’t want to spoil my outfit for you ahead of time, but I hit up Etsy for some custom accessories (Shout out to LunaLeFeyOnline and Ayalga for accommodating me), and ordered a few things from Amazon as well, like always. Now I’m looking at a giant pile of stuff in my bedroom wondering how I’m going to fit all of it in my suitcase. And I haven’t even started packing food stuffs like snacks and instant oatmeal. The unknown is so hard you guys. Having never done this before, I have no idea what to expect and so I’m packing for what is essentially every eventuality.

Business CardsThe total star of my suitcase though are my shiny new business cards from MOO. They’re so pretty and lovely! I didn’t have the time to design something from scratch, so I used one of their predesigned templates, and they turned out really awesome. Now here’s hoping I make good enough impressions on all of these sparkly people that they want me to give them one. Wish me luck you guys, and follow me on instagram, twitter, and facebook for live updates from the con!

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