Show Summary: Danger Damsels Present Nerd-lesque

Hedy Harper MTG

Fay Wray BurlesqueSo, nerd culture. Who isn’t part of it these days? With comic convention attendance at record highs along with things like voter registration for the WorldCon Hugo Awards, you’d think everyone was in on it! Well, after almost two years of marinating the idea in our heads, the Danger Damsels decided to delve into their more nerdy sides and put on an all nerd/geek show, an all original show with the majority of acts being brand new debuts, for the first time in 6 months! We always like to bring in the crowds for our original shows, and we were not disappointed this time around. The fans came out in force, and it was a sight to see. VIP ticket holders even got their own custom Danger Damsels Magic the Gathering cards for collecting and trading!

The show itself kicked off with a comedic Star Trek tribute, featuring all of our core members plus our ever eminent host Steve. That first act included tributes to monster movies (including my new Fay Wray tribute number), Pac-Man (featuring the stage debut of one of our stage kittens, Sassafrass), Steampunk, the ever-popular Batman universe, and my own corner of nerd-dom, The Last Unicorn. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. If you were at the show and didn’t know what it was, I don’t think you were alone!

The Last Unicorn BurlesqueAfter intermission brought some of my favorite numbers, including a group number to “Talk Nerdy to Me” that may be one of favorite group acts ever. Coco Del Rey’s Harry Potter tribute was stellar, both of Michee Rose’s second act numbers, including both a Red Sonja sabre number and a Mad Moxie tribute number (her burlesque debut!) were awe inspiring, Stella Laroux was adorable AND funny (how fair is that?) as both an alien and Garth, Loralei brought the sex with her Game of Thrones turn, and Miss Pussykatt was at the top of her game with a Star Wars tribute for the ages, which gave me the opportunity to be the sexy stormtrooper I always dreamed of being. I myself got my own turn in a Legend of Zelda tribute with a touch of gender-bending.

Legend of Zelda BurlesqueRiddled with delightful game shows and trivia, this show may have been our best yet. The fans, both new and old, seemed more involved than ever, and they’ve really inspired us to keep getting better. Let’s just hope next time I don’t contract pink-eye. Didn’t know I had pink eye for this show? Good. If you noticed my eyes were watering, I wasn’t made up as well, and that I was wearing a visor in the first number, now you know why. Here’s to even more awesome next time!

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