Show Summary: Danger Damsels Burlesque Presents Greatest Strips


I should have written this post weeks ago, but I just did not get around to it. Summer, am I right? Such a great time of year for weather that you have a tendency to let some of your responsibilities slide. Those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer.

pink elephants on parade burlesqueIn any case, about a month ago, on June 6, 2015, Danger Damsels Burlesque here in Grand Rapids, Michigan put on their first “Best of” show since their debut just over two years ago. There were highlights from just about every show and theme they’ve put forth so far, and it was a blast. There were lots of new faces in the audience, and I believe that we, as performers were able to gain a few new fans that night.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre BurlesqueThe night saw the return of the now full cast member, rather than special guest, belly dancer Michee Rose, performing two jaw-dropping numbers, including a tray dance that had at least one audience member exclaiming his disbelief out loud. Founding members Miss Pussykatt, Stella Laroux, and Coco Del Rey brought back a few of their favorite solo numbers from a whole array of themed shows, with Miss Pussykatt performing her now legendary Anaconda act from the Disney After Dark show, Mr. Roboto from the 80’s show, and one of her Asian-themed acts from the USO themed show. Coco favored everyone with a reappearance as Pee Wee Herman and her classic burlesque fan dance, while Stella brought back her Mr. Postman act, Nasty Naughty Boy, and her own rendition of Let it Go from Frozen.

Raspberry BurlesqueAlso appearing at the show were the incomparable Lady Loralei and myself, Hedy Harper. Loralei teamed up with Coco for a redo of their “Fist City” girl-fight act, re-hashed her debut act from the USO show, and gained a new puppet-master with Host Steve Ralph in her Halloween Hootenanny marionette act. I myself murdered a few new new kittens with my St. Valentine’s Day Massacre act, danced among the bubbles again for Pink Elephants on Parade, and popped my Raspberry Act another time. While we didn’t get a chance to debut any new material, it felt good to perform acts that we love for a tried and true audience at our number one venue!

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