Show Summary: Beerlesque with Dark Horse Brewery


11061181_438597139654475_4828736984909092583_oDid you make it out to see the awesome show we Danger Damsels put on last Saturday night? If you did not, you missed out on a heck of a good time. The FREE show was a special promotional event for the Rezervoir Lounge in combination with Dark Horse Brewery. We call it beerlesque, and it’s an awesome combination of free beer tastings and a free burlesque show. It doesn’t get much better than that! Each of us girls created a new original act inspired by one of the tasting beers provided by the brewery, and also performed an old favorite as well. Mr. Steve Ralph repeated as our fantastic host, giving everyone a real good time.

We had ourselves a new guest performer for this show, the one and only Mabel Syrup, known for her clown inspired burlesque acts. She performed a new original act inspired by Dark Horse’s Crooked Tree IPA, featuring a giant cardboard mug of beer and a killer smile, and followed that up later in the show with one of her signature clown acts. The crowd loved her, she did a fantastic job, and we were so glad to have her with us!

11289050_438601392987383_3671114227821588489_oOther original acts premiering at the show included Miss Pussykatt‘s tribute to Black Ale, a dark and stormy act complete with a full black cape, Lady Loralei‘s marijuana act inspired by Smells Like a Safety Meeting, Stella Laroux performing an act inspired by Boffo Brown Ale, and Michee Rose with a traditional tray act that she performed with a flight of beer samples on her head! We saw the reappearance of some of our favorite acts too, as well as a special performance by our own Coco Del Rey.

11262381_438598479654341_4245253949748920862_oI myself premiered a new act for this show inspired by Dark Horse’s Raspberry Ale. A traditional burlesque balloon pop act with some classic showgirl pizzazz and special pasties inspired by the beer’s artsy label. I also brought out my notorious Pink Elephants act from our Disney After Dark show back in November out to play, making it a flashy night of balloon pops and feather flourishes for me!

The highlight of the night for me was certainly the crowd. What a crowd it was! Loud, boisterous, and having an obviously amazing time, I suppose that’s what giving an audience free beer does for you!

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