Danger Damsels Valentine’s Day Cabaret


Oh my goodness, did you guys get a chance to see this awesome show? I know modesty is an admirable quality in people, but I just wouldn’t be being honest if I didn’t talk about how the Danger Damsels rocked our Valentine’s Day Cabaret! I know we aren’t a household name (yet!) and that Grand Rapids is not one of the big nightlife/cabaret/burlesque cities like New York or New Orleans, but we have fans, and they come out for show after show, and we keep trying to get better and better for them. I think we consistently pull it off. 1523763_403220199858836_5701180324421373644_oI had an absolute blast at this show. Our guest performers, Jasinya Sanchez and Michee Rose (returning for a second time) absolutely rocked it, adding much needed variety and special energy to the show. The fans were very supportive of first time performer Nova Sinclair in her all singing debut that really showcased her magnificent pipes. But not to be outdone, the core Damsels had some of the best acts I’ve ever seen them do! Coco Del Rey had one of her strongest shows ever (maybe her strongest ever), playing both the glamorous tease in her classic and classy fan dance and the tried and true comedienne with her beat poetry and Your Sweetness is my Weakness acts (not to mention her hilarious turn in Dick in a Box with our main songstress Stella Laroux). 10955797_403221786525344_1390713757091703623_oOur founders also had a fabulous night showing off a lot of what the Danger Damsels were created to do. Maid Marian brought the class with a redressing act stripped bare of most costuming, and then brought the house down with a bump and grind just dripping with fringe. Miss Pussykatt showed her softer, funnier side with a hilarious rendition of Pepe Le Pew as well as debuting a ballet bar act that was hardcore, while rounding out her night with some of her circus roots in a fabulous and very very hot fire act. I myself debuted two new acts for the show, The first was a cheeky striptease to Book of Love, featuring a dress made out of newspaper (can you spot John Waters’ face on my breast?), while the second was a bit of satire on the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre set to the song of the same name. It was so much fun, I just can’t get enough of the pictures! So here’s to the Danger Damsels, and whatever comes next! Photos by Jon Clay

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