I’m Burlycon’s Fan of the Week!

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It’s Friday! And that means that Burlycon is featuring another of their fans! This week I got the honor, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
So what is Burlycon? I’m sure you guessed from the name, but it’s an annual Burlesque Convention! Super cool, right? Except that even cooler than that, it is an educational and social convention. The focus of this convention is networking and learning, so it’s great for someone like me, or anyone who wants to continue to improve their art or meet other like-minded folks! With classes focused on everything from techniques, act concepts, and costuming to producing a show and running your financials, there is definitely something for everyone. The convention is held every year in Seattle, and people attend from all over the world! Are you really going? Yes, I really am! I wanted to go last year and it didn’t work out for me, so I made sure to get my ticket early this year and blackout the dates to any other commitments. I even have my hotel room reserved in the Burlycon block to make sure I’m close to the action and that I don’t miss out on the nightly newsletters and such while I’m there! This will be my first year, but I’ve heard nothing but totally awesome things and absolutely cannot wait for November! Can I come? If you want to! If you want to learn some new skills, or just network with some fellow burlesquers, this could be a great fit. I’ve put all the information you need below, so if you decide to make the trip, I can’t wait to see you there!

When: November 12-15, 2015
Where: Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center
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